Post-Deployment Services


Deborah Marshall-Warren

A Team Trainer offering, in conjunction with Belfa Services, post-deployment training and coaching for your in-house staff team. To maximize your staff’s excellence it is important to maintain them, and to nurture their talents. People thrive on maintenance and praise! Deborah’s training can support your corporate mission and your corporate brand.


“Deborah Marshall-Warren – a true professional, steeped in integirty and awash with positivity, generously offers every element of her work in a nurturing and sensitive way.”

Bryan Hoare, General Manager, Mesa Stila, Java, Indonesia.




  • Ambassadors from the management tier down to lower grades of talented staff servicing your success;
  • Self-management, self-awareness, self-enhancement and mindfulness;
  • Responsibility and ownership of work contribution;
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem building;
  • Awareness of being a valued strand of your brand;
  • Saying ‘Yes’ to handling guest/client situations and problems.



  • Staff wellness, balanced mental health, and well-being;
  • Positivity and can-do attitudes linked to employee contenement;
  • Motivation and inspiration in a challenging business environment;
  • Staff presence as opposed to absence – physically and mentally;
  • Boosting standards as a team, helping to cement a strong service ethic – by increasing staff empathy, understanding, and responsiveness to guests/cients;
  • Increased cultural openness, and a reduction in the language barriers of non-native English speakers to improve their guest/client interaction capabilities.
  • Energy and performance enhancement – increasing output and your business gain.




Deborah Marshall-Warren, DipHyp, EmFHS, PGCE, is a widely respected trainer and relaxation coach, a leading light in the field of contemporary relaxation therapy in the UK, Europe and SE Asia.

Through her practice, and her books (Mind Detox and I’m Afraid of Hypnosis, But I Don’t Know Why), and as a speaker, Deborah has championed deep-relaxation coaching as the best way forward for people seeking lasting change and transformation within a short windows of time. Deborah has run her own private practice, Whole-Being Interactive, for almost two decades, and has been a visiting consultant and trainer, at international hospitality and wellness resorts in Asia and Europe for several years.

Clients include: Six Senses Resorts & Spas; Mesa Stila Hotels and Resorts; Westin Dragonara Resort; Power of Oratory (UK); LEAD Events together with Clever Solutions (Malta).
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