We have been helping our clients solve their recruitment and staffing problems since 1997 and have over a decade of experience in the field of recruitment. We specialize in multinational manpower supply, manpower sub-contracting, procurement, representation and trading through our strategically located offices in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the EU.

Belfa Services brings a wealth of professional experience, multi-cultural sensitivity and in-depth understanding to each project we are asked to handle.

Our success is based on our application of two core principles that drive the recruitment industry:

    Your company, whether large and small, needs competent, motivated, well trained staff at every organizational level. This is true, regardless of the industry you work in. However, locating and sourcing these staff requires you to expend considerable time and resources.
    We have developed and maintained a strong network of connections that enable us to meet your HR supply requirements, saving you time and money. Our links cross continents, enabling us to reach out and find you the people you need.

We would like to share our success with you and use our expertise to help your organization achieve its recruitment goals.