Recruitment, because it is based around people, requires flexibility. You must adapt to the specifics of each client and the candidates they are looking for. Therefore, at Belfa Services, we offer a diverse array of services that let us integrate with your organization to help you find the people you need to move your company forward.



Non-Exclusive Contract

A non-exclusive contract involves us only receiving a fee if we locate a suitable candidate who is then placed within your organization. While this enables you to minimize your costs and have multiple agencies sourcing candidates, you should also be aware that the focus is often on the breadth of search, rather than depth.

At Belfa Services we offer a comprehensive and detailed non-exclusive service, assisting you in finding the right person for the job. However, there are many situations, particularly when you have very specific requirements or are looking for senior staff, where the in-depth procedures catered for in an exclusive contract are more appropriate.

Our non-exclusive contract services include:

  • Part or total requirements
  • Sourcing and interview arrangements for your representative
  • Documentation and processing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Post-arrival orientation (Optional)



Exclusive Contract

Here we enter into an exclusive agreement whereby Belfa Services becomes your sole recruitment provider. This level of commitment offers you a variety of advantages. Belfa Services will integrate with your organization, working in perfect alignment with you to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions for all your staffing needs.

Our comprehensive turnkey recruitment services include:

  • Preparation of documentation needed for every country of source
  • Sourcing – CV screening – Interview
  • Mobilization (processing and travel arrangement including ticketing)
  • Pre-departure and post-arrival orientation
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Turnover and integration support



We operate a variety of licensed staffing and manpower solutions, enabling us to act as a facilitator between your business and your workforce. Our long experience in this field enables us to provide you with honest feedback on feasibility and to assist you in identifying the most cost effective solutions.

Belfa Services also continually expands its global reach, enabling us to meet any manpower requirements you may have.



Today, business is truly global and employees have become far more mobile as a result. Sourcing an ideal candidate can therefore often involve looking beyond your national borders. In addition, it can also be more cost effective to source project specific labor pools from outside your own country.

We have developed a broad multi-national network that enables us to give your organization a truly global recruitment reach. Our network spans Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, allowing us to fulfill even the most challenging recruitment assignments.

Belfa Services operates in:

Philippines – Thailand – Myanmar – Indonesia – Vietnam – Sri Lanka – India – Nepal – Pakistan – Ghana – Ethiopia – Nigeria – Jordan – Egypt – Syria – South Africa – Zimbabwe – The European Union



Every sector has unique requirements when it comes to recruitment. We have worked in a plethora of industries and understand the objectives, salary scales and essential skill sets within each field.

Our clients include organizations within the construction, hospitality, medical, finance & banking, education and oil & gas sectors, as well as many others.



In a company everyone from the janitor to the CEO has an important role to fulfill in order to ensure a smooth running operation. Therefore, we provide staffing solutions to cover every organizational level. Whether you need 500 construction laborers or a highly experienced and internationally respected marketing director, Belfa Services can use its expertise and wide network to find you with the right people for the job.